Six Suites for Solo Cello

J. S. Bach "Six Suites" Cello

CD Download (18 Movements)

  • Prelude, Suite No. 3 in C major:
  • Bouree, Suite No. 3 in C major:
  • Bouree II, Suite No. 4 in E♭ major:

  • Digital Download


    Charles Prewitt


    Charles Prewitt, cellist, has been a member of the Austin Symphony 15 years. He holds a B.M. in Performance from the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign and a Performer's Certificate from Purchase College of S.U.N.Y.

    Chamber music or ensemble playing has been a pillar of his musical growth, having founded the Brazos String Trio & Quartet and attending seven Sugarloaf International String Quartet workshops in Maine. A Special Student at U.S.M. in Gorham, ME with the Portland String Quartet, he went on to appear as a Guest Artist on their Concert Series, and served as Acting Cellist of the P.S.Q. at their Colby College Chamber Music Seminar in Waterville, Maine. He has appeared as soloist with the University of Southern Maine Chamber Orchestra, University of Illinois Symphony and the Waco Symphony.

    As the Director of the Prague Cello Corp., he presented annual solo recitals from 1985-1996. In 1985 he was featured on a Maine Public Radio broadcast performing Bach's Suite No. 1 at St. Luke's Celebration of Bach's 300th Birthday in Portland, Maine. He has performed with Paul Ross of the P.S.Q., renowned soloist Nathaniel Rosen, as well as Shawn Colvin, Ray Charles and Willie Nelson. In addition to recording cello for local Austin musicians, he was a member of Strings Attached for two seasons, and recorded cello on a song with Willie Nelson.

    He is currently playing cello with Austin Global Orchestra and serving as founder and Artistic Director of New Prague Concert Society. In 2012 Mr. Prewitt founded the New Prague Concert Society in Austin, TX and recently appeared in concert with Lyova Rosanoff, piano at the 2012-2013 "Season Opener."


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